Monday, August 3, 2009

Neither Rain, Nor Wind, Nor Downtown Construction...

It was a day of rain spitting, wind blowing, and construction saw horses providing a series of obstacles that threatened to stall the first day of the second-annual Walkabout.

But fortunately, the show, or rather shows, did go on to nice size crowds on a Saturday in August that felt like a day in October.

The Elgin Courier News sent photographer David Ham out to catch some live action shots of the plays in progress. See a few below.

PHOTO: Scott and Jocelyn Mills, from Envision Theatre, share a tender moment in the production of "The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year."

PHOTO: Matt Kerrigan shows Robert Quinlan his true self in "The Questionnaire," from Nothing Special Productions.

PHOTO: Leah Rae, from A Tower of Strength Players takes a drag off of a cigarette to simulate smoking during a production of "Smoke Scenes" at Elgin Books.

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