Thursday, July 14, 2011

Elgin Theater Scene On The Street - Daily Herald story

Here's a nice piece from the Daily Herald. Will be in papers tomorrow, but here's a sneak peak.

Elgin theater scene out on the street

The Elgin Cultural Arts Commission will continue to defy standard theater conventions with its fourth annual Walkabout: Theater on Your Feet these next few weekends.

The event runs on Saturdays, July 16, 23 and 30, in downtown Elgin, where the audience will see one play take over various downtown locations and immerse Elgin in the story.

Sylvia Grady, Elgin Cultural Arts Commission liaison, said Walkabout was started years ago as an opportunity to showcase all Elgin arts had to offer.

“We were trying to do some things to bring all our arts departments together,” Grady said. “Since then, they have only grown in size, more and more people are involved, and each year they become more different and unique.”

Sean Hargadon, producer and creator of Walkabout, said to expect the unexpected with this year’s shows.

“Each year, we try to add a twist for the audience,” Hargadon said. The play has been broken into three acts with three different theater troupes advancing the story.

The show starts in the Elgin Public House Restaurant and Pub, 219 E. Chicago St.; from there, attendees visit other downtown locations, where theater is presented in nontraditional spaces.

It gives audience members a chance to discover downtown Elgin if they haven’t done so before, as well as experience an Elgin summer...


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