Friday, September 16, 2016

Olive Juice Theater Company Makes a Hero of us All

Olive Juice Theater Company
Jason & the Argonauts
at Next Door Theater

I came into this show wondering if it would be only for kids and was pleasantly surprised how much fun it was for all ages.  There is a lot of audience participation and they work it into the performance well.  The cast was great, especially the lead.  For someone who's not drawn to musical theatre,  I will have the song "a brand new hero" stuck in my mind for a long time and will remember being Hercules in my acting debut! Lots of laughter and amazing how many outfit changes the cast made on the fly during the short time.  You won't be disappointed. Next shows: Fri. at 6:00pm, Sat. at 1:30pm and Sun. at 3:00pm.

- Herbert L.