Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ready for Take Off with Imaginez Ensemble

Imaginez Ensemble presents "Taking Flight" 
at Elgin Art Showcase

Chicago-based Imaginez Ensemble brings a mix of circus arts and cirque-style performance to this year's Elgin Fringe - a first for the festival. With a story entitled "Taking Flight" the central idea behind this movement driven piece is facing one's fears and freeing the imagination. What makes the performance unique is not only the cirque movement and flying, but how this all plays out in the intimate space inside the Elgin Art Showcase. During this particular performance, the cast of three attempts to break through the proverbial fourth floor to discover - the audience. This leads to a series of introductions between the characters, the space, and the audience, which ultimately becomes a quest to find and tell a story that will help everyone release and find their bliss. While this may sound rather heady, in the end, the story is delivered with such joy, physical wit, and moments of vulnerability, you realize that you've been on a journey the whole time. Definitely worth seeing at this year's festival. Next shows: Sun. at 6pm.

- Bill Albert

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