Saturday, September 17, 2016

When The Past is Present

Independent Players presents "Calm Down Mother" by Megan Terry
at Imago Studios 

An experienced cast of three takes on Megan Terry's absurdist one-act play "Calm Down Mother" in the intimate confines of the newly configured Imago space - an excellent choice. Working almost as a choral group, this tight company seamlessly weaves through one scene after another as the story moves back and forth through time exploring the role of women in a contemporary society and asking if there is something more in the world than just being a wife or mother. The play was originally staged in 1965, but the themes still resonate today thanks to the clever script and excellent acting on display throughout the piece. This show is worth the trip if you're looking to see a quality revival of a seldom produced play. Next shows: Sat. at 3pm and Sun. at 12noon.

- Michael Kubiak

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