Friday, July 24, 2009

Coffee with a Conscience

If you love coffee and the environment (and who doesn't?), Ravenheart Cafe at 176 East Chicago Street is the place to sip lattes in Elgin. It is also a stop on Walkabout for the second year straight.

In addition to being smooth and delicious, Ravenheart coffee is sustainable shade grown coffee. Owner Jerri McCue explains, "Shade grown coffee means the coffee is grown under the natural canopy of the forest as opposed to sun grown coffee where the forests are cut down to grow the coffee. The benefit of top shade grown coffee is the protection of the natural habitat for migratory birds."

You'll often find friends, families, clubs, co-workers, and college students relaxing in the comfortable, modern cafe. And for four Saturdays this August, you can enjoy live theatre there, too! Be sure to add this unique Elgin experience to your list of favorite places, whether you are a caffeine connoisseur or just a person who loves a great neighborhood hang-out.

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