Friday, July 9, 2010

Three Times A Charm...Walkabout Returns

It's hot. It's July. And that means Walkabout: Theater on your Feet in downtown Elgin.

This year's Walk will be a departure from previous years. We're getting away from our comfort zone. We pulling back the curtain.

So what's different you might be asking. Well, this year we decided to show parts of downtown Elgin that you don't normally see. Our unofficial theme for the event (even though walking to see theater in odd locations is kind of its own theme) is "Hidden Places, Found Spaces".

We'll be taking you on a tour of Elgin's back alleys, loading docks, forgotten corridors and the like.

This year we're back to five theater groups performing five short plays in five very different places making up one memorable experience. We still plan on having Elgin Public House as our starting point. And Al's Cafe will be our ending point. And yes, they will be offering free malts again this year.

There are some other changes, but we'll tell you more about those in the coming days. Until then, keep checking back and don't forget to make a reservation if you want to attend. Slots fill up fast. And this year we'll be giving away free t-shirts and water to those who register first. The last two years we ran out of shirts and water, so be sure to call the box office at 847-841-1713. More information is on the right of the page.


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What a great time! Can't wait for next year! Bravo to all.