Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Points Of View

Yesterday was another excellent day for Walkabout.

We had to add a tour to accommodate demand and the weather was perfect. We've also been receiving some interesting comments about the "Hidden Places, Found Spaces" theme with many people not realizing all the history they pass by on the tour.

On the flipside, some people find the new look a little rugged and a bit gritty. But isn't that the point? Pardon my editorial, but sometimes there's a certain rough perfection and beauty in things left to the elements and time. And that's what this year's Walkabout represents: finding lively moments in spaces that time has left behind.

On the other hand, yesterday's Walkabout success was dampened by the fact that downtown Elgin, at times, felt like an abandoned Hollywood back lot. Aside from the Walkabout tours, it was quiet. It was like we were playing on set built for a movie like "Hoffa" or "Road to Perdition". As exciting as that can be, it appears there is more work to be done to get more people downtown. On the positive side, many people participating yesterday were not from Elgin. In fact, a couple tours were made up solely of people not from Elgin. That's encouraging.

In any case, here's some more photos of more of the groups in action. Photos are by John Congram.

"The Snafu" presented by Nothing Special Productions
"One Crisp Spring Morning" presented by Janus Theatre Company

"A Play Starring No One" presented by Envision Theatre

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