Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 'Art' of Friendship - Walkabout is Back

We're back. And we're a little early this year, but we want to be sure to get the word out, because this year we'll be adding something new to Walkabout.

This year's theme is The ‘Art’ of Friendship, and you'll be able to see one play performed by three different theater companies. The characters will stay the same, but the actors will change as the play reaches its climatic conclusion. There will be performances by the Guild Theater, Janus Theatre Company and Nothing Special Productions.

The play to be presented will be that perennial hit and Tony Award winner Art by Yasmina Reza that asks the question: What would you do if your best friend purchased a white painting for $200,000? Would you laugh? Would you cry? Or would you smack him in the mouth? Find out what happens as this comedy about friendship gets put to the test by a piece of art.

We also plan on having artwork on display at the venues by local artists Carl Brahms, Chuck Cassell, Craig Dresang, Natalie Shadel and Edward Zach.

And what kind of Walkabout would it be without those wonderful Al’s CafĂ© malts at the end of the tour.

There will be more updates as we get closer, but here is the basic information.
SHOW DATES: Saturdays, July 16, 23 and 30

STARTING AT: Elgin Public House, 219 East Chicago Street, Elgin

TIME: 1 pm with tours approximately every 20 minutes until 2:20 pm.

TICKETS: $15. Cash only at the door.

To make reservations, please call 847-841-1713.

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