Friday, September 15, 2017

EFF 2017 Review Roundup 9-14-17

Elgin Theatre Company presents "Screwing Around with Shakespeare” by Donna Latham
at Elgin Art Showcase 

ETC meets Shakespeare in this mash up of styles that channels Christopher Walken, New Jersey housewives, Cyrano, and one wildly animated ASL interpreter who relentlessly tries to keep up the pace. Through some rap, song, and texting, highlights from the plays are shared in a contemporary context. The first performance was off at times but the yucks were there if you waited for it. Next shows: Fri. 6pm, Sat. 4:30pm and Sun. 1:30pm.


Captain Ambivalent presents "The Dark Nut Rises”
at Imago Studios

The Captain returns taking on mutants, corporations, aliens, and student loans. No stranger to EFF, Captain Ambivalent’s catchy songs and clever insights will have you saying to yourself "oh yeah, that's right" before he moves on to the next part of his nerdy tale. A crowd-pleaser with an accordion, this show is definitely worth seeing at the awesome Imago space. Next shows: Fri. 7:30pm and Sat. 4:30pm.


Creative Moves presents "Weaving Webs”
at First United Methodist Church

Spiders. Some people love them. Some people hate them. But in “Weaving Webs” the part dance, performance art and art installation, the show slowly works its way into your mind and will have you wondering how much we are all connected – for better or worse. A hooky soundtrack plays off colorful visuals and practical props to make for an experience that asks the audience to join in. Next shows: Fri. 9pm and Sat. 3pm and 7:30pm.